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MyndShare. Create, collaborate and captivate

Stimulate student engagement and 1-to-1 collaborative learning with our free collaborative MyndShare software!

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AVer CP Series include FREE
MyndShare collaboration software!

MyndShare provides individual subject-specific learning tools for drawing, mathematics, literacy, geography, and science. Instantly share content as students follow along on their devices, take notes, answer questions, and share annotations over the top of any live lesson!

Standard Tools

MyndShare has all the annotation tools and resources needed for teacher-student engagement. Our glass mode feature allows annotation over any visualiser or browser content with ability to screen capture and audio/video record. You can use the on-screen keyboard feature to type directly into other applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, & Excel.

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Calculate, measure, convert, create, and explore mathematical concepts with diverse math tools. Teach statistics using tools such as a probability spinner or dice, and keep track of information using tables or graphs. Engage your students with 6 different math games including games such as Sudoku, Target 24, Memory, and Speedy Sums.

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Explore English and literature with word games like the Word Builder, Word Hunt, Mix Up, and Word Scramble. Create words and sentences with our Word & Sentence Builder, and dive deep into word meanings and root words. Test students’ reading and writing comprehension skills with our Word Vault game.

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Select a map from our unique map tool or integrated Google Maps tool and explore countries, borders, and boundaries of any location in the world. Explain weather patterns with nearly 30 individual weather symbols and convert Celsius and Fahrenheit with the interactive thermometer.

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Learn about the different elements with our interactive Periodic Table. Highlight groups like Solids, Metals, Nobel Gases, Radio Active, and more at the tap of a button. View details on reactions, compounds, state, structure, color, melting point, boiling point, period, and group. Build your own molecules using the molecular structure tool, design hierarchical pyramids, or illustrate components of an electric circuit with the Circuit Builder.

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Information and Resources

Product Specifications

Standard Tools Palette

  • Pen with handwriting recognition
  • Highlighter
  • Eraser
  • Shapes
  • Flashlight
  • Window Shade
  • Magnifying tool
  • Line tool
  • Glass mode
  • Screen capture
  • Audio and video recording
  • On-screen keyboard


Mathematics Tools Palette

  • Drag-and-drop sum builder
  • Abacus
  • Measuring tools
  • Metric conversion
  • Number lines and grids
  • Tables and graphs