Hot Swap Program provides our end user within max. 72 hour delivery with a replacement for our EVC/SVC/VC/CAM-Products, when end user’s unit shows any malfunction or stop functioning.

  • 0 shipping cost
  • 4 series of Top products
  • 12 months premium service
  • 72 hours max delivery

The Hot-Swap- Program (HSP) provides the user with the utilization of “HOT SWAP” service for his purchase. The series of products include: EVC/SVC/VC/CAM-Product. If the user´s unit shows any malfunction or stop functioning, the user can contact AVer Technical Team and request a “HOT SWAP” service to get replacement first before sending faulty unit. If there are any Multi-Point licenses registered for this unit, they will remain the ownership of the user. The purchased license keys can be re-entered on the replaced unit.

How it works:

  • The “HOT SWAP” service will be granted for 12 months after the date of the original purchase (date of invoice)
  • The purchase needs to be registered at, within 30 days from invoice date.
  • The information to be registered online is: Company Name, Contact Person, Address for sending Hot Swap item, Model Name, Serial Number, No. of Endpoint Licenses, Date of Invoice, Date of malfunction, Description of problem.
  • Should the unit require a HOT SWAP, please contact the AVer Information Technical Team via email: or phone: +31 (10) 7600 555
  • The AVer Technical Team will verify if the unit is registered in the HSP database.
  • The AVer Technical Team will help to go through basic trouble shooting steps.
  • If the unit still doesn’t function, the “HOT SWAP” unit will be sent immediately to the premises of the user and shall arrive at the users premises no later than 72 hours after the case has been registered.
  • No shipping cost for the user will apply. In case of Non-EU countries, the customer needs to provide all papers and pay for all duties for importing. (Incoterms: DAP)
  • Within 72 hours after receiving the replacement, the user must return the faulty unit with original package to the AVer Service Center for repair.
  • There will be no shipping charges to and from AVer for below countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. If the user needs to send back their unit to AVer, please contact our shipping department to arrange for a pick-up of the goods!
  • If the request is received before 12 PM EU time (NL), Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays, a replacement will arrive within max. 72 hour for following countries: UK/IRE/FR/DE/AT/NL/BE/LUX/CH/IT/ES/PT/.
  • The “HOT SWAP” service is only applicable for the main parts of a System or a Camera. EVC/SVC Camera/Codec/Microphone VC/CAM Camera/Speakerphone PTC-500 Camera

For any additional questions or help, please contact your AVer representative in your respective country.

Thanks for choosing AVer as your Professional Partner of excellence and support.

Sincerely, your AVer Europe Team