Auto Tracking Cameras

Auto Tracking Cameras use AI algorithm that can automatically follow the presenter moving around the front of the classrooms or auditoriums, without the need for an operator during a recording.

Auto Tracking Cameras can be fixed on the rear wall or tripod to track the presenter, and it can focus on writing surfaces or projector screens at the same time.

  • Up to 4K Ultra HD
  • Optical Zoom
  • Human Detection AI
  • 3 AI Tracking Modes
  • Track Without Accessories
  • Hybrid Learning Ready

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras can be used in any classrooms or lecture halls of multiple sizes and types. Schools can set it up on the frontside for panning, tilting, and zooming to record most lectures up close.

PTZ camera can be fixed on the front wall or upside-down installation from the ceiling, and then controlled by a wireless remote, joystick controller, and web UI.

  • Optical Zoom
  • Precise Camera Motion
  • 255 Preset Points
  • SmartShoot
  • SmartFrame
  • Distance Learning Ready

Use Cases

University, Turkey
Business School, Tunisia
University, Northern Taiwan

Synchronous Online Learning:

Teachers can live stream courses, and students can take at the same time and to be geographically dispersed allowing more real-time collaboration and interactivity.

Asynchronous Online Learning:

Teachers can pre-record lecture content, and students can access their courses on their own schedules with higher flexibility and control.

Live Surgery Broadcast
Streams Surgical Procedures


Stream Surgeries via NDI with 4K Resolution Capture Details with Superb Zoom Capability

  • 30X Optical Zoom
  • Premium Image Quality
  • SDI Output

Use Case

Cheng Hsin General Hospital & Advantech, Taiwan

The AVer PTZ Camera was depolyed in the surgery room to livestream the procedures to the audience.

Facilitates Two-Way Communication


Multiple Control Potocals Allow Versatile Connectivity
Zoom In/Out Ability Enhances Diagnosis Accuracy

  • Precise Shooting Angles
  • Remote Commands
  • UVC Standard
  • RS-232 Connectivity

Use Case

Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital vs. Taoyuan Hualing Medical Station, Taiwan

The hospital integrated AVer PTZ Camera with the Advantech Telehealth Cart to implement diagnose in real-time. diagnosis.

Connects Care to Patients


Multiple Control Potocals Allow Versatile Connectivity
Multiple Control Potocals Allow Remote Monitoring from Nurse Station

  • 30X Optical Zoom
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Real-Time Viewing
  • IP Connectivity
  • Easy Integration

Use Case

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

The care team can monitor patients from the nurse station by watching a live video streamshot fromby AVer PTZ Cameras.

Why AVer?

20+ Years Audiovisual Experience

Over 30% of Staff Committed to R&D

Over 100 Awards for Design & Innovation

Best Service in Audiovisual Market

Value-Added Software


Products Videos

  • PTC300 Series Intro Video
  • PTC300 Series Feature Video
  • PTZ310 & PTZ330 Intro Video
  • PTC300(N) Series Promo Video