AVer's PTC300V2 Series of AI Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras Earn Zoom Certification

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, is excited to announce that all five of its PTC300V2 Series AI auto tracking cameras — the PTC310HWV2, PTC310UV2, PTC320UV2, PTC320UNV2, and PTC330UV2 — have received Zoom Rooms Hardware Certification.


After passing rigorous testing by the Zoom Video Communications Inc. team and independent testers, AVer’s innovative PTC300V2 Series devices are officially recognized by Zoom as certified hardware to use with its video collaboration platform. This certification lets customers know they can expect a high-quality, reliable communication experience.

“Our goal is to provide users with the best distance communication experience possible, and Zoom certification for the PTC300V2 Series does just that,” said AVer Vice President Stanley Cheng. “Our customers can now choose from a full range of Pro AV cameras that are designed to work seamlessly with Zoom for all kinds of remote collaborations, such as teaching, training, and business interactions.”

AVer Pro AV users can take advantage of these industry-leading features when they use their PTC300V2 cameras to collaborate with Zoom:


      • Free movement: AVer’s Human Detection AI locks onto presenters, enabling them to move around rooms of all sizes while being automatically tracked — no wearable devices required.
      • Diverse adaptability: In addition to honing in on presenters, PTC300V2 Series devices feature tracking modes for focusing on the speaker (Presenter Mode), dedicated areas of the room (Zone Mode), and switching between the speaker and displayed content (Hybrid Mode) to satisfy a variety of use cases.
      • Incredible clarity: HD quality (Full HD 1080p to 4K Ultra HD) and up to 30X optical zoom make every detail of a presentation stand out.
      • Surprising ease of use: Users can change the tracking target with a single click using either a remote control or Web UI.


By integrating AVer’s Pro AV cameras with Zoom, users in any industry can unlock a new level of professionalism for their remote communication efforts.


For more Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware information, please visit: Zoom.