AVer Releases a New Lightweight Visualizer to Support Hybrid/HyFlex Learning

AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology solutions, releases the AVer U70i, a brand-new portable visualizer made for creating remarkable Hybrid and HyFlex education. The U70i features a light design, premium-quality lens, and AI noise reduction microphone to offer teachers the capability to effortlessly livestream wherever they are. The U70i sports a 13-megapixel 4K camera that creates crisp, clean images when teachers use textbooks, worksheets, and other teaching aids, so students can enjoy an immersive yet accessible educational experience. Teachers and students can appreciate the camera's wide A3 shooting area and 16X zoom, which offer excellent visibility of both big and small objects. Both educator and learner can engage fully in the lessons without worrying about missing details.


Since lessons take place in a variety of different settings these days, the convenience of the U70i is a great advantage for both teachers and students. With a compact body, it offers a storage slot for convenient storage and protection of the device when not in use and a non-slip rubber base to allow educators to adjust the angle of the visualizer freely. Moreover, the visualizer offers plug-and-play usability and intuitive function buttons to give the user the flexibility to show images without fussing over complex operations. The USB cable is conveniently attached to the base of the U70i so instructors never forget to bring the cable to class.


With many learning environments comes different sets of audio conditions, and AI Acoustics can effectively help reduce those pesky background noises so lessons can be conducted with better audio. Different teacher and learner environments might also require the visualizer to be flipped upside-down to capture teaching materials, and the AI Image Rotation feature ensures that viewers always see the image right-side up.


With the visualizer comes AVer’s accompanying software, AVerTouch. It is integrated with and officially recognized by Google for Education and Google Cloud, simplifying the lives of educators everywhere. AVerTouch is Google Classroom–compatible while also providing the most practical functions that every teacher needs—automatic cloud backups of annotations, captures, and recordings, streamlining the education experience for both teacher and learner.