AVer Announces Collaboration to Elevate Cross-Platform Collaboration with Airtame Seamless Wireless Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan – September 19th, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Airtame, the visionary creator of a hardware-enabled SaaS platform for seamless collaboration in businesses and schools. This collaborative endeavor heralds a new era of flexible conferencing solutions, catering to the evolving standards and expectations of modern work environments.


AVer and Airtame are joining forces with a shared commitment to redefining the conferencing landscape, equipping end-users with tools that streamline communication and enhance connectivity in an increasingly dynamic world. This strategic alliance is driven by a mutual aspiration to create a harmonious synergy between Airtame's Hybrid Conferencing Solution and AVer's flagship cameras and video bar solutions. By seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge technologies, AVer and Airtame are paving the way for effortless cross-platform collaboration, empowering professionals to connect, communicate, and innovate with unprecedented ease.


David Kuo, Director at AVer, affirms the shared vision of the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration brings together AVer’s bleeding-edge hardware with Airtame’s revolutionary hybrid communication platform.” Kuo continues to say that “The combination of these two market-leading products create an unbeatable synergy, offering exceptional innovation and reliability.”


The collaboration caters to meeting spaces of all sizes, fostering unparalleled flexibility and seamless hybrid meeting experiences, irrespective of geographical boundaries. AVer's industry-leading conferencing cameras, all-in-one conferencing systems, video soundbar solutions, and Pro AV cameras empower Airtame to extend its multi-use products, encompassing signage, conferencing, and screen sharing, to an array of environments. This expanded versatility provides end-users and integrators with an enriched array of options to suit diverse needs.


This integration includes AVer's CAM520 Pro2, CAM550, VC520 Pro2 USB Cameras, VB342+, VB342 Pro Video Soundbars, VC520 Pro all-in-one conferencing system, PTZ310UNV2 4K Streaming NDI® HX3 Camera, and DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera, with plans to add AVer's PTC310UV2 AI Auto Tracking Camera to this long list of products in the near future. The marriage of AVer’s renowned in-house AI technologies and Airtame’s visionary SaaS platform underscore the ongoing spirit of innovation that fuels this collaboration.


Jonas Gyalokay, Co-Founder of Airtame, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, "Our integration with AVer simplifies the attainment of scalable conferencing solutions that cater to today's ever-evolving communication demands. Airtame is dedicated to offering adaptable and future-proof solutions that enable seamless interactions between in-person and remote participants. This collaboration with AVer ensures the effortless integration of our Hybrid Conferencing Solution with their top-tier cameras, facilitating a truly transformative conferencing experience."

About Airtame

Airtame’s hardware-enabled SaaS platform is revolutionizing the way people connect and engage with screens in virtually any type of building and space. By making meeting rooms, classrooms, and common areas more dynamic through easy-to-use technology, Airtame is transforming the user experience for everyone – regardless of whether they are in the building or on the other side of the screen. Thanks to its intuitive hybrid conferencing, screen sharing, and digital signage features, Airtame is the only solution in the market that powers all screens and allows for remote management through a single interface. Airtame's mission is to empower everyone to connect, conference, and collaborate on the same screen, in the easiest yet most advanced way. Founded in 2013, Airtame is trusted by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide to facilitate over 1.5-million monthly meetings in over 100,000 classrooms and meeting spaces. The 80-person Airtame team is strategically stationed in offices in New York, Copenhagen, and Budapest. Visit www.airtame.com to learn more.