AVer Audio Tracking Camera Takes Silver at Taiwan Excellence Awards

Taipei, Taiwan – December 6th, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video conferencing solutions, once again received nationwide recognition at the Taiwan Excellence Awards. Today, the AVer CAM570, a unique 4K dual-lens audio tracking camera, is honored with the Silver Award at the Taiwan Excellence Award Ceremony.


AVer Vice President Kings Wang announces: “We are delighted that the CAM570 has risen amongst the tough competition in this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, a testament to the efforts AVer has made for audio-visual research, development, and innovation. We will continue to raise our standards and provide our customers with the best audio-visual solutions we can.”


The CAM570 is AVer’s first 4K dual-lens audio tracking camera, incorporating top-level camera specifications. It has a PTZ camera boasting 36X total zoom and an AI lens with a 95° field of view. It utilizes its three pairs of built-in audio sensors that make beamforming possible, receiving human voices from up to 10 meters away. With the touch of a button, audio tracking allows the camera to track the speaker so that meeting attendees can focus on the presentation.


What truly stands out is the exclusive AI technology the device offers. AI functions include Dynamic Detection, which automatically adjusts the camera angle and zoom to capture every meeting participant. The 95° wide-angle AI lens provides a panoramic view of the conference room, detects meeting attendees at all times, and triggers the PTZ camera to automatically frame everyone when needed. Smart Gallery, a function that applies AI technology to frame each participant, presenting everyone equally on-screen in headshot or half-body frames. These features allow a clear view of each participant's facial expressions and body language, creating an immersive virtual collaboration experience.


In the 32nd year of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, a total of 948 products have been submitted with only 30 products receiving the Gold and Silver Awards. Aside from the CAM570 audio tracking camera, AVer products that received the Taiwan Excellence Award include the VB350 dual-lens PTZ video bar, A30 all-purpose visualizer, PTZ310UNV2 Pro AV PTZ camera, medical-grade MD120UI PTZ camera, and CS One.