AVer Provides Ukraine with Medical-Grade Cameras to Aid Remote Healthcare Services

Taipei, Taiwan – September 15th, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology and Pro AV solutions, is collaborating with Taiwan's renowned Mackay Memorial Hospital to extend support to Ukraine in its mission to provide critical care to local patients. Mackay Memorial Hospital and Saint Martin’s Hospital in Mukachevo, Ukraine recently signed a memorandum of understanding, and AVer’s local distributor partner, ERC Distribution, assisted with the donation of the MD330U at the event. These state-of-the-art cameras will assist both hospitals in providing cross-border telemedicine services and medical training. The goal is to bring Taiwan's top-notch medical resources to Ukraine, treat the local injured population, and minimize casualties. Local Ukrainian media outlets have also taken notice of this thoughtful initiative.


AVer CEO Andy Hsi states: “We are honored to be working with Mackay Memorial Hospital in this humanitarian mission, and we understand that Ukraine is in urgent need of medical resources. Designed for telehealth consultations, surgery broadcasts, and remote patient monitoring, the MD330U will be able to help physicians in real-time when facing challenging cases, enabling them to collaborate with Mackay’s prestigious physicians in rescuing more patient lives.”


Making remote monitoring of patients possible, the MD330U allows medical staff to see patient vital signs and physiological symptoms through the camera while reducing the number of trips to and from patient wards and minimizing risks of infection. Through real-time audio-video transmission, communication between doctors, patients, and caregivers becomes more efficient. Additionally, the MD330U features the industry’s first detachable handheld lens, adept at capturing clear images of patients' affected areas. This assists in optimizing the efficiency of remotely assessing patient conditions.


Dr. Tsai Weide, Director of the International Medical Center of Mackay Memorial Hospital, says: “Mackay Memorial Hospital is honored to participate in this cooperation between hospitals, where we continue to demonstrate that ‘Taiwan Can Help’, by supporting Ukraine's hospitals in the treatment of injured locals with Taiwan's advanced medical and technology expertise. Through AVer's MD330U medical-grade PTZ camera, Mackay Memorial Hospital can conduct joint operations with Saint Martin’s Hospital, including cross-border medical services, medical training, and technical training.”