AVer Awarded 6 Titles in Taiwan Excellence Awards across Video Conferencing, Education, Pro AV, Healthcare, and Industrial AI

Taipei, Taiwan – November 1st, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, earned six titles in the Taiwan Excellence Award 2024, demonstrating excellence in audio, video, and AI technologies. Additionally, the CAM570 has been shortlisted to compete for the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards. A total of 948 products have been submitted with only 320 winners and only 30 products competing for the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards.


The six award-winning AVer products are:


CAM570 4K Dual Lens Audio Tracking Camera

The CAM570 is a premium PTZ video conferencing camera that offers audio tracking, allowing the device to focus on whoever is speaking during meetings. Its wide-angle AI lens allows for incredible image quality and a complete view of all participants in medium-sized conference rooms. The beamforming technology enables the camera to track human voices up to 10 meters away while avoiding receiving local speakerphone audio.


VB350 Dual Lens PTZ Video Bar

The flagship Video Bar VB350 is not only AVer’s first dual-lens PTZ video bar but also creates mesmerizing images for meetings in mid-to-large-sized conference rooms. Its 4K lens captures clear, realistic images, whether capturing a meeting participant or product. The video bar is optimized for ultra-steady lens transitions and a new feature called Conversation View, which switches to a full view of everyone in the room if multiple people speak while the device is in audio tracking mode.


A30 All-Purpose Camera

The A30 is a lightweight, stylish camera with a variety of helpful functions, incorporating webcam, visualizer, microphone, and speaker features. Users have the flexibility to switch between webcam and visualizer functionality effortlessly while enjoying the built-in microphone and speaker during work-from-home and classroom settings. With intuitive plug-and-play connectivity, the A30 is a versatile device, making it an all-round solution for streaming, demos, and small group collaboration.


PTZ310UNV2 NDI®|HX3 PTZ Camera

AVer PTZ310UNV2 is a cutting-edge PTZ camera that supports NDI®|HX3. It features 4K 60 fps HDMI, USB, and IP outputs and a remarkable 12X optical zoom lens presenting astonishing visual clarity when streaming, recording, and broadcasting. With the AI-powered SmartShoot feature, the camera focuses on the presenter to quickly switch between shooting zones whenever they do, delivering consistently clear images of them and their content.


MD120UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera

The MD120UI is a medical-grade PTZ camera that assists healthcare professionals through helpful features designed specifically for patient monitoring. The camera boasts 20X optical zoom for maximum clarity and night vision capabilities for 24/7 patient care. The MD120 has many Smart features, employing AI algorithms to automatically recognize patient faces and an embedded microphone that transmits sounds and alarms to notify medical practitioners of patient conditions. This enables doctors and nurses to manage their time more efficiently while caring for more people.


CS One

The CS One is the coffee industry's first AI green coffee bean sorter, designed to remove defective coffee beans quickly and effortlessly. With a high-precision AI image recognition lens, the CS One identifies SCA-classified defective beans at a rate of 99% accuracy, with different processing methods for sun-dried, washed, and semi-washed beans. All the sorter needs is for the operator to select the type of processing method, fill the bean hopper with beans, and then allow the machine to take over the cumbersome sorting task. After the initial selection, no operators need to be present any longer, greatly increasing efficiency in small roasters or specialty cafés.


Since 1993, the Taiwan Excellence Awards has played a vital role in bringing world-class products “made in Taiwan” to the global stage. A rigorous and stringent selection system covers four aspects of R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing to identify outstanding products. Only locally made products that demonstrate “Innovative Value” in the four aspects can be qualified as award winners. AVer is proud to receive this highly esteemed award for its industry-leading innovations at Taiwan Excellence Awards 2024.