AVer Releases Groundbreaking PTZ Camera with AI Functions for Patient Monitoring

Taipei, Taiwan – July 27th, 2023 – AVer Information Inc., an award-winning provider of education technology and Pro AV solutions, has proven its commitment to revolutionizing medical technology yet again with the release of a premium-quality PTZ camera optimized for monitoring patients. The 4K MD120UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera gives healthcare providers remote access to their patients via AI monitoring functions, a 20X optical zoom, and infrared night vision for 24/7 care.


Medical staff can count on the MD120UI Medical Grade PTZ Camera to increase the level of care they give patients. With this latest release, AVer has adapted its renowned business and education technological innovations specifically for all types of healthcare settings. The MD120UI provides:


  • AI patient monitoring: The MD120UI uses AI algorithms to recognize and track patient’s facial features automatically, enabling healthcare workers to focus on areas that require routine assessment. Additionally, an AI-powered microphone transmits all sounds to notify the medical staff of patient conditions.
  • Remote access to details: 4K resolution and a 20X optical zoom let medical professionals keep a close eye on their patients even when they’re not in the same room. Users can also set up to 256 preset points to efficiently monitor large spaces with a single camera.
  • Night vision capability: Infrared night vision allows medical staff to watch over their patients without disturbing their much-needed rest.
  • Privacy protection: To protect patients’ privacy, the MD120UI comes with Privacy Mode. When enabled, this mode stops transmitting video and audio.


The MD120UI is also certified with IEC 60601-1-2 for its electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring it meets stringent medical industry standards. Early adopters of this new technology can reduce the burnout of their healthcare workers and thus overcome nursing shortages while offering patients and their family members greater peace of mind.