Video Conferencing
for Business Communication

Experience the New Collaboration Possibilities

The world is constantly innovating and so is the workplace. Success comes from staying ahead of the curve and having the support you need. Stay on the cutting edge and embrace an all new working style with AVer.

  • Reduce Your Costs

    Be more efficient by eliminating your explicit and implicit costs by meeting your employees, coworkers and clients easily in one place at your convenience.

  • Improve Your Collaboration

    People don’t communicate just by speaking. In fact, 93% of all communication is nonverbal. Make sure not to neglect an integral part of your conversation with real-time face-to-face communication. Build trust, reduce confusion, and enhance your communication effectiveness with your team and clients.

  • Enjoy a Greener Experience

    A simple change can make a big difference. Cut down on your travel time and have the knowledge that you are making a difference Let’s work together and reduce our carbon footprint to make our world a greener place.

  • Access Your Human Resources

    Video conferencing allows multi-point meetings across the world giving you an inexpensive, easy and convenient way to gather all your indispensable employees at the same time.

The AVer Difference?

High Value, High Performance

AVer is proud to offer the cutting edge in video communication solutions. Our products allow you to instantly start video conferencing with anyone, anywhere in guaranteed AVer quality.

Collaboration Like You’re in the Same Room

We push the boundaries of A/V technology to let you experience video conferencing that is vivid and crystal clear, with audio quality that makes you think you’re speaking in the same room.

Simple to use

With our trouble-free installation, plug-and-play features, and straightforward interface design it only takes few clicks to connect to the world in full HD video.

Get the Support You Need

Our experts at AVer are always ready to support you. We offer 24/7 call-ins to our live in-house demo so that you can always test your equipment and make sure you are ready for your next meeting. We are confident in our quality products and as such offer you an industry leading 5 year warranty. AVer’s world class products and support will always keep you at the head of the pack.

A Solution for Every Need

No matter your communication needs, AVer’s solutions are designed to meet and exceed your expectations and are highly compatible with your frequently used communications software.

See A Bigger Picture with AVer

To Collaborate with my team face-to-face

SIP/H.323 videoconferencing Endpoints

  • Built for group video conferencing.
  • All hands meeting hosted
  • Looks, feels and works like at the same place
  • Meeting collaboration made easy and affordable
  • Built so every unit is affordable, yet awesome.
  • Built for everyday collaboration.
  • Real-time presentations, videos and images

To host and attend in multisite video conferences

SIP/H.323/WebRTC/SfB videoconferencing MCU

  • All hands meeting hosted
  • Looks, feels and works like at the same place
  • Meeting collaboration made easy and affordable
  • So easy-to-use even the bigwigs can do it
  • Built for group video conferencing.
  • Built to be lag-free, reliable, smooth and clear
  • Cloud Compatibility

To start a Cloud-based conferencing

USB Video Conference Cameras

  • USB Plug-N-Play Video Collaboration system
  • Professional Class USB PTZ Camera for all Meeting Rooms
  • Full Duplex Microphone Array
  • Full 1080p High Definition Video
  • Daisy-Chain Speakerphone System
  • Choose Your Own Audio System
  • RS232 Integration Capabilities

Century 21 Real Estate

AVer video conferencing has made us a more effective and cohesive team than ever before, and has helped us better realize Century 21 Real Estate’s values of professionalism, efficiency, and internationalization.

– Grace Hsueh, owner, Xingfu and Fumei branches, Century 21 Real Estate, Taiwan

Sis Distribution

SiS Distribution optimizes communication, employee training, and sales feedback between 7 branches using AVer’s EVC900.

Clear Harbor

The AVer system is so user friendly right out of the box… The installation is not much more difficult than hooking up a computer, and after experiencing the other brands, the AVer system is by far the easiest to install.

– Kevin Netherton, IS Manager, Clear Harbor, LLC

Dar El Oyoun Eye Institution, Egypt

Ophthalmologists in DEO Institution combine AVer EVC900 with an ophthalmic microscope to share live cataract operation.

Ain Shams University vs. El Demerdash Hospital, Egypt

AVer recently teamed up with a leading Egyptian university that is at the forefront of using new techniques in surgery. Hosting a live endoscopy for over 100 doctors, AVer’s high-quality HVC330 video conferencing system allowed the doctors gathered in the University’s lecture hall to view the procedure via the content-sharing function, and to have audio visual communications with the doctors performing the procedure in the operating theatre.

Decelect, France

French ESVDI components designer and manufacturer Decelect stays on top of production quality at its overseas facilities by combining H.323 video conferencing and Skype™ video calling through AVer’s HVC330 video conferencing system and one-of-a-kind VCBridge.

Cadware, France

French product development specialists Cadware develop a new found appreciation for video conferencing thanks to AVer’s “All-in-One” HVC series video conferencing systems and VCBridge.

Nakanoto Junior High School, Japan and Cheng Gong Junior High School, Taiwan

The Nakanoto Junior High School, Japan and Cheng Gong Junior High School, Taiwan interact with each other through AVer’s EVC130P video conferencing camera. The two schools broke the boundaries of distance, creating a persistent friendship and a continued cultural exchange, which has brought both sides closer together.

Land & Housing Corporation (LH), Korea

Wavus introduced AVer’s videoconferencing system to LH with the EVC300 and EVC130P systems. These products made videoconferencing between headquarters and the branch offices possible, which led to a large reduction in time lost, money spent, and the elimination of long distance managerial travel for weekly Monday meetings. AVer’s Content Sharing functions helpfully made information available to all members of a communique and removed the number of hands a message or data must pass through. Everyone in LH now share information accurately and have greatly improved work efficiency for their projects.

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